Help Expand Your Family with Fertility Treatments

When you want to begin expanding your family, you might find that it is not as easy to get pregnant as you thought. If you have tried other methods suggested by your physician, fertility treatments might be the next viable option. Fertility treatments are often costly in the United States, but international destinations offer quality services and exceptional accommodations in order to complete the procedure with
substantial savings. So what types of services are included in fertility treatments? Here are just a few from locations such as Istanbul,

  • ICSI-IVF cycle
  • Required tests during the ICSI-IVF cycle
  • Scheduling the patient’s medical appointments and coordinating admission
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • English-speaking staff and language interpretation
  • Accommodations for patient and family

For patients who are not ready to go through fertility treatments, but want to do an overall checkup, facilities in Turkey, Greece, India and Switzerland offer a a variety of packaged services such as:

  • Precautionary Checkup – Includes a thorough medical history, gynecological examination and
    ultrasound and laboratory tests to detect any infections or viruses
  • Hormone Checkup – Thorough examination and testing of sexual and thyroid hormones
  • Fertility Checkup – Gynecological examination and ultrasound of breasts, womb and ovaries
  • Laboratory Tests – Tests check iron levels, blood, hormones and thyroid

There are many options available for any stage in your family planning, many of which are affordable and provide luxurious surroundings. International destinations allow you to enjoy the surroundings while obtaining the desired treatments or procedures. Check out for more information on fertility treatments.

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