Exotic Destinations: Argentina Medical Tourism

Argentina is a land of many wonders; towering mountains, gorgeous valleys, rushing water, and friendly, welcoming people. Argentina has also become one of the leading countries providing accredited and certified medical facilities, treatments, and procedures for international travelers.

Argentina’s medical tourism industry has grown in part to the sophistication of Buenos Aires and the high-tech treatments and procedures offered there. From the most complex surgeries to simple outpatient procedures, Argentina offers not only the latest developments in medical procedures, but exceptional service as well. Famous for cosmetic surgical procedures, Argentina has expanded its reputation for quality service and specialized medical experts for those visiting the city from international destinations. With high standards in plastic surgery and dentistry procedures and reconstruction, Argentina has become a world leader in treatments and hospitality aside from their beautiful sights and destinations.

Facilities such as CEDyT, located in beautiful Bariloche, Argentina, offer an excellent ambulatory surgery center just northwest a Patagonia. Offering services in fertility treatments, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, and endovascular surgery, facilities such as CEDyT Argentina continually rank as the most popular, affordable and quality destinations for medical tourists around the world.

Orthopedic surgery in Argentina, cataract surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, or fertility treatments are available at such facilities, offering patients qualified, experienced, accredited, and board certified specialists and surgeons in a multitude of fields. From a mini facelift to meniscus knee surgery, Argentina is an attractive medical destination for those wishing excellent, successful, yet affordable ambulatory services in the southern hemisphere.


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