Effective Ilizarov Surgery for Bone Extension in Turkey

The outer Ilizarov contraption is utilized as a part of orthopedic surgery either to treat mind boggling, open bone breaks, or to extend, reshape appendage bones. Furthest point extending and remaking systems can be connected to pediatric or grown-up patients (3-70 years). These patients generally endure innate ailment, bone misfortune or traumatic appendage length imbalance. The surgeries are utilized for filling bone absconds and remedying and extending bones with deformation. The procedure of remedying and protracting the bones lives up to expectations when step by step developing new bone and delicate tissues through diversion osteogenesis.

The Ilizarov method can be used in various modes, including:

  • Lengthening
  • Compression
  • Distraction
  • Differential compression or distraction
  • Bone transport

How is Ilizarov surgery performed

Prior to the operation, the suitable gadget is altered to patients’ bone with wires and screws. The operation is done through maybe a couple entry points of a couple of centimeters. Treatment and recovery taking after surgery is normally initiated at first. week after the operation. No alteration is performed after the furthest point achieves the obliged length and arrangement. When it is chosen that new bone has sufficiently gained quality, the gadget is brought out with neighborhood or general anesthesia. Ilizarov surgery can be performed for enormous bones augmentation.

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Successful Ilizarov Surgery for Bone Extension in Izmir, Turkey

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