Drug Therapy and Rehab: Beating Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is an insidious and vicious circle of self destruction that has a detrimental affect not only on the individual taking the drug, but on extended family members and friends. Addiction is known to be a chronically progressive disease. However, the goal and success of drug addiction treatment depends on the duration and type of abuse that has been experienced, related services, and post-treatment support and encouragement. Addictions can be managed, but special attention must be paid to the disruptive effect of addiction on the brain as well as behaviors.

Traditional treatments for substance abuse and drug addiction have involved detox programs where the body is weaned off alcohol, drugs, or the behavior, and include counseling, and in some cases, medications designed to help reduce symptoms of withdrawal. Cocaine substance abuse treatment plans may range between one and nine months, though some may extend beyond that, depending on need.

A successful rehab program should offer a variety of components that include treatment, counseling, support, compassion and guidance. Drug rehabilitation facilities such as those promoted by PlacidWay, a medical tourism portal based in Denver Colorado offer resources and information on international cocaine treatment facilities that are affordable, private and effective in the treatment of multiple forms of addiction.

Facilities such as Dr. Vorobiev’s six international clinics, located throughout Serbia and Russia offer fully accredited physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, addiction treatment specialists and psychotherapy experts in Moscow, Belgrade, and Krasnodar, among others that offer hope, rehabilitation and recovery for cocaine addicts around the world.


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