Drug Addiction Rehabilitation in Russia

 Drug addiction and substance and alcohol abuse are conditions that most countries must deal with. Providing affordable facilities for the rehabilitation of individuals suffering from such addictions are an essential and necessary part of society. While your first thought for rehabilitation might not have been Russia, the truth is, some of the best drug and alcohol rehab centers in the world are found in locations such as Russia and Serbia.

Drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation centers around the world have focused on traditional treatments, supervised withdrawal and counseling, but a Russian psychiatrist and psychotherapist named Dr. Nikolay Vorobiev and the Narcology Clinic in Russia and Serbia provides a revolutionary and effective treatment for individuals addicted to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and heroin. His psychotherapeutic techniques may utilize unorthodox solutions, but methods don’t matter as much as the end result.

Treatment of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, alcohol in Moscow may provide individuals suffering from addictions as well as family members the opportunity of a lifetime. A rehabilitation clinic in Moscow or any rehab center in Russia may seem extreme for individuals living in the United States, South America, and Western Europe, but facilities in Russia and Serbia provide state-of-the-art and world-class techniques in diagnostics, detox methods, and aversion therapy in their treatment of drug and substance abuse.

Body oriented therapy, yoga, and transpersonal sessions as well as special equipment and technique combined the best of psychotherapy and complementary medical practices to offer individuals a positive and effective rehabilitation treatment program.

In the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, every opportunity to overcome addiction should be explored. Facilities such as Dr. Vorobiev’s Russian Narcology Rehab Clinic are a perfect choice.


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