Discover Your Potential with Sports Medicine Packages

Love competing in sports or building endurance? If you think medical tourism abroad is just for surgical procedures – think again! What better way to enjoy a trip to Europe than to stay in beautiful accommodations and enhance your physical fitness or improving your golf game? In Switzerland, world-class destinations make for the perfect location to visit and undergo sports medicine abroad or physical fitness testing with state-of-the-art technology.

Avid golfers will especially appreciate visiting a golf clinic that includes training by PGA professionals, in addition to:

  • Check of the musculoskeletal system to ensure pain-free golfing and tips for professional career-playing
  • Video swing analysis
  • Practice and exercise on the course with a PGA professional
  • Golf physiotherapy
  • Free play on a championship course
  • Analysis report

If professional golf is something you are interested in, a trip to the golf clinic offers valuable advice and recommendations to keep injury-free while enhancing your game. For those who want a sports medicine treatment or analysis of their physical fitness levels and endurance, facilities in Europe offer sports conditioning packages that asses your fitness and performance. With sports fitness training package, patients receive:

  • Full physical examination, including hearing and eyesight, spinal column, nervous system, skin chances and joint status
  • Laboratory examinations of organs including liver and kidney, as well as blood count, blood sugar and blood lipids
  • Physiotherapeutic check-up
  • Personal training
  • Medical massage
  • Health dossier
  • One-on-One guidance through the sports conditioning program

Traveling abroad offers exceptional cost savings while providing you with excellent staff and accommodations. Be sure to visit, a Denver-based company, to find out more about sports-related excursions and packages.


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