Detoxing for a Better Life – Finding Treatment Abroad

Detoxification is a popular term used for cleaning or cleansing the body of toxic substances. Detoxification comes in many different forms and styles. Individuals who choose detoxification methods to quit smoking, drinking, to cleanse their body of toxic byproducts and wastes often enjoy untold benefits.

Multiple forms of detoxification are available, some quite straightforward, while others provide an alternative to medications and purification. Some cultures practice regular detoxification while others find it a fad. Each individual should be educated in the process in order to decide for themselves. The most common types of detoxification include:

·         Alcohol detoxification

·         Drug detoxification

·         Diet detoxification

·         Metabolic detoxification

·         Detoxification as an alternative medicine

·         Cupping

Diet detoxification also includes processes such as:

·         Colon cleansing – a multitude of colon cleansers are available on drugstore shelves, all designed to clean up the colon and get rid of parasites lodging within the intestines. Popular brands promote weight loss, parasite elimination, and the ultimate colon cleansers defined to curb bloating, and constipation and everything from acne to candidiasis.

·         Chelation therapy – specific collating agents such as DMSA, EDTA and ALA are utilized to rid the body of heavy metal detoxification of arsenic, mercury, and lead or other heavy metals believed to poison the body.

Medical travelers visiting foreign destinations such as Solis Health and Wellness Tourism in Turkey or Blueprint Health and Benefit in South Africa or or Dr. Vorobiev’s Russian Rehab Clinics offer the newest technologies and also save individuals between 30% and 60% on procedures and methods of detox treatment performed in the United States.



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