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Many of us don’t think about our teeth until we get a toothache, but did you know that dental health is directly connected to body health? An infected tooth or abscess can literally poison your body. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of dental procedures that include everything from filling that cavity to obtaining dentures so you can eat and speak properly.

Dental care includes the basics of regular dental checkups. Don’t ignore toothaches, abscesses or chipped and broken teeth. Sure, dental care in the U.S. is expensive, which is why a lot of people are traveling to places like South America, Asia and Europe for dental and cosmetic dental treatment options.

Places like Hungary, Croatia and Poland are giving more traditional medical travel destinations like Italy, Mexico and Thailand stiff competition. Dentists and orthodontists in other countries are held to high standards of training and experience, just as in the U.S.

Other countries typically require membership or certification through Dental Colleges. For example, in India, a dentist should be certified through the Dental Council of India. In Singapore, a dentist should be registered with the College of Dental Surgeons. In Australia, dentists should be registered with the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons. Take the time to ask or find out about certification requirements any country you’re interested in.

So take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about, and take care of your teeth while you’re there. Medical travel is the wave of the future, so don’t miss out on the benefits of travel and lower medical and dental procedures.

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