Dental Care in Thailand

Thailand is famous for its excellent medical facilities and healthcare for foreigners. One of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world, Thailand’s dental and oral surgeons are known for superlative care in dental and cosmetic dental procedures. Medical travelers may save between 50% and 75% on surgical procedures and other medical care found throughout Thailand over costs found in the U.S.


For dental care services ranging from the best in dental tourism, teeth whitening, dental surgery, cosmetic dentistry bonding, cosmetic dental implants to pediatric cosmetic dentistry, certified and experienced facilities like Bangkok Dental Image are accessible, available and affordable.


Affordable dental care in Thailand also offers complete dentures, inexpensive dental implants and low cost dental implant options, as well as a variety of permanent dental bridges, dental bridge replacement, dental onlays and inlays, porcelain crowns and bridges, dental bonding and other forms of cosmetic dentistry in Bangkok.


Orthodontics, affordable dental treatment for adults and kids, and emergency dental surgery is available in Thailand’s major cities. For the best in dental procedures, care and treatment or cosmetic dental options and procedures, Thailand is still a world leader in dental technologies that offer effective and experienced care and services for medical travelers.


Bangkok Dental Image offers highly trained dental experts in prosthodontics (clinical dentistry), implants and implant dentistry, with experienced dentists trained from the U.S., the UK, Switzerland and of course, major universities in Thailand.


For the best in dental care, choose the best. From dental bonding to finding the best dental clinic in Thailand, visit PlacidWay, a medical information provider for certified and accredited medical and dental facilities around the globe,

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