Cross-Border Medical Tourism: the Best South of the Border

Cross-border medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular. Regardless of the economy, Americans need affordable and quality health and medical care. Americans living in border states such as California, Texas, Arizona and Florida are flocking to Mexico and Latin American destinations for quality, high tech, and affordable healthcare.

Lower costs don’t mean lower quality – quite the contrary. Because foreign medical providers generally do not have the same high medical malpractice insurance costs, licensing fees, and rents on facilities, highly trained and expert surgeons, physicians, clinics and hospitals are able to offer individuals with very affordable yet high-quality medical care in such fields as orthopedics, obesity and weight loss surgical procedures, cosmetic and plastic surgeries, dental care, and vision care.

Two of the most popular destinations in Mexico treat thousands of Americans for obesity and weight loss treatments, procedures and surgeries are Mexicali Obesity Solutions,  located in Mexicali, or Sanoviv, located in Baja, both well known for providing laparoscopic obesity procedures, lap banding, gastric bypass, as well as services that provide alternative treatment and options for consumers in a wide range of medical fields and specialties.

Americans seeking affordable healthcare in Mexico also visit Almater Hospital in Mexicali for plastic and cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, orthopedic surgeries, LASIK eye surgical procedures as well as high-tech and world-renowned care in cardiology, cardiac surgery and cancer care.

Health and wellness facilities in Mexico provide Americans living in border states convenient and affordable options to combat continuously rising healthcare costs in the United States. A majority of healthcare facilities, physicians, surgeons and specialists found in Mexico have been trained in the United States and are accredited and certified by national and international accrediting organizations.

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