Croatian Immigrant Returns Home for Dental Care

Dianne’s dentist told her she could use dental onlays to improve not only her biting and chewing ability, but also to allow her to smile again without feeling self-conscious. Dianne had gone through some tough times, and now had teeth damaged and chipped by accidents, cavities and poor interior structure of her tooth pulp on the right side of her lower jaw. Her dentist told her that onlays could cover deep damage caused by such decay and fractures. An onlay could restore the shape and strength to the crowns of her damaged teeth, in order to prevent more damage.

For Dianne, the idea was heartening, but the problem was, she had no dental insurance and a single onlay could cost between $650 and $1,200 – money she just didn’t have. Dianne was an immigrant to the U.S. from her native Croatia who decided to return to her county for the dental care. There, she knew she could get the same procedure for less.

Dental care in major cities like Dubrovnik and Rovinj offers dental travelers affordable dental treatment and dental cosmetic and restorative procedures including dental implants, oral surgery, prosthetics and other forms of esthetic dentistry and dental implantology. Dianne searched online for dental treatment in Croatia and found several dentists and facilities that could meet her needs. She could travel to her native country, receive the treatments, stay for a week with family, and still come out ahead on costs.

Dianne did just that. Now she’s smiling again.

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