Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Croatia

Croatia is an ancient place of rivers, mountains, beaches and islands. Since the 7th century, this small kingdom has had its share of strife, war and poverty. Despite that, the 21st century offers a brighter future to this small country that now attracts tens of thousands of curious travelers to her beautiful cities, pristine beaches and rugged mountain ranges every year. But Croatia is not only a land of ancient wonder – it’s also one of the fastest-growing medical tourism destinations in the world, and with good reason.


Medical tourism in Croatia is blooming because of her growing reputation as offering some of the most high-tech treatments and procedures from around the world. Affordable treatment in Croatia offers excellence in the fields of dentistry, cosmetic/plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, anti aging treatments in Croatian health spas and more. Some of the finest doctors and surgeons offer the best medical treatment in Croatia, and one of the finest are the services of Dr. Branko Glusac, a cosmetic surgeon in Makarska. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is the foundation of Dr. Glusac’s practice that offers not only plastic/cosmetic surgery, but also endoscopic sinus surgery, and ear, nose and throat surgeries.


For the best doctors in Rovinj, visit the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of Dr. Toncic in Zagreb, specializing in aesthetic surgery. Both facilities offer the best of cosmetic/plastic surgery treatment in Croatia. Excellently trained and experienced plastic surgery specialists in Croatia perform a variety of plastic surgery procedures that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but affordable as well.  For the best of cosmetic plastic surgery treatment, take advantage of medical tourism in Croatia. You won’t be disappointed.


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