Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand

From the mountainous landscapes to the north to the sand that meets the sea to the south, Thailand offers a wealth of outdoor opportunities and activities for all ages. City entertainment is at its best in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and Phuket, where visitors can enjoy nightclubbing, ethnic entertainment, fine dining and the best in world-class hotel accommodations.

Thailand is also a famous destination for high-tech and cutting edge technologies in cosmetic and plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery in Thailand offers some of the most highly trained and experienced plastic surgeons and hospitals in Bangkok. Plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures offered in Thailand range from breast augmentation to sexual reassignment surgical procedures. From age management and alternative treatments and therapies offered at Yanhee Hospital to hair transplants by the experts at SP Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, international patients are receiving the treatments they want at prices they can afford.

Cosmetic clinics in Bangkok and affordable cosmetic surgery in Thailand gives people a reason to travel across borders for experienced care when it comes to facelifts, skin care and treatments and liposuction. A beautiful country in its own right, Thailand offers four-star amenities, plenty of things to do and see, and a unique experience for visitors in bustling Bangkok or countryside sightseeing.

Medical travelers may save between 50% and 75% on surgical procedures and other medical care found throughout Thailand over costs found in the U.S. This savings does not reflect the quality of care, however. Thailand physicians, surgeons and healthcare facility staff are held to rigorous standards of training and care and take pride in offering all medical travelers the best that experience and expertise may offer.

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