Choosing the Best International Medical Facilities for Your Care

When choosing any medical facility for care, whether it’s in your home country or a medical destination abroad, consumers should do their part in checking credentials and accreditations of medical facilities. Medical care abroad is growing every year, with tens of thousands of travelers seeking medical care, treatments and medical procedures in countries such as Croatia, Germany, Brazil and Singapore. Make sure you know about best practices, safety issues and quality care standards before signing on any dotted line.

The Joint Commission accredits and certifies healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics, and care centers throughout the United States. The international arm of this organization, called the Joint Commission International, has been working to help provide quality standards of care throughout the world, and since 1994 has worked with health departments and organizations in over 80 countries. The focus of the Joint Commission International is to improve safety of patient care through certification and accreditation processes and services.

The ISQua, or the International Society for Quality in Health Care provides added assurance that processes involving training and standards used by JCI in their surveys of organizations meet high international benchmarks.

These agencies ensure quality approaches to health care and patient safety.  They also ensure that global standards for infection control, safety of medication dispensing and facilities are properly accredited to meet basic standards of safety, cleanliness, technology and staffing.

The ISO, (International Organization for Standardization) also provides international standards of care that offer economic and technological benefits for society. Medical travelers who venture to destinations that provide ISO technologies and standards can be assured they are receiving the best in services, techniques and procedures provided by a wealth of high-tech equipment and training.

Take the time to check. After all, it’s your medical care. Visit PlacidWay, a medical provider based in Denver, Colorado that offers resources and information regarding the best facilities and doctors abroad.

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