Cheaper Options for Medical Care Abroad

Lower costs don’t mean lower quality when in comes to medical care abroad -on the contrary, health and wellness facilities in foreign destinations around the globe provide Americans convenient and affordable options to combat continuously rising healthcare costs in the United States.

A majority of healthcare facilities, physicians, surgeons and specialists found in Mexico, Latin America, Asia and hospitals in  Middle East have been trained in leading hospitals in the U.S. the U.K. and Europe, accredited and certified by national and international accrediting organizations.

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Medical Care Abroad in a Glance

South American destinations have gained a reputation for dental, vision and cosmetic surgical procedures. For example,  health centers, clinics in Argentina and Argentinian surgeons provide some of the most cost effective and quality treatment that can be found anywhere in the world for those seeking medical care abroad.

Brazil is another South American country regarded as a premier destination for cosmetic surgery and when seeking medical care abroad it is a reference point on the world map. Large volume of tourists from the U.S. and Europe travel to this future Olympic host city with high- quality and modern facilities and excellent standards of care.

Some facilities in Mexico and Latin America offer fertility treatments to general surgery and plastic surgery procedures, while others provide a range of procedures and treatments in orthopedic, bariatric and weight loss surgical procedures, dentistry and eye and LASIK technologies and care.

From dental care to cardiac surgery, Mexico and South American medical travel destinations have grown in demand as their popularity among world travelers looking for the best continues to grow.

For more information about medical care abroad and providers in Mexico and Latin America, visit, your one-stop resource for international health and wellness care.

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