Cancer Treatment Abroad

No one likes to hear the word ‘Cancer’, but unfortunately, thousands of people are diagnosed with some form of cancer every month. Liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer are among the most common. Cancer prevention information is making some headway with encouraging cancer awareness, but too often the  diagnosis comes too late. That’s why annual checkups are so important. When caught early enough, treatments for cancer can help individuals beat the disease and offer hope for a future. One of the most common forms of cancer treatment used today is chemotherapy.


Chemotherapy, or Chemo for short, is a procedure that is commonly used to treat cancer in a patient. It can be performed before or after a surgery, and is designed to remove cancerous cells or tumors. The procedure can also be performed on an individual who is undergoing radiation therapy. Some doctors  use chemotherapy alone, depending on the severity of the cancer.


Unfortunately, chemotherapy drugs are horrendously expensive in the U.S. and may cost upward of $5,000 a month! And just as unfortunately, many individuals diagnosed with cancer must make a choice of either obtaining the expensive treatment and losing their financial security or choosing not to treat. No one should have to make that choice.


Thankfully, there are facilities outside the U.S. where Americans can receive superlative cancer treatment at a fraction of the cost of domestic care. Places like the Bangkok Hospital Medical Center in Thailand, or the EmCell Clinic in Kiev, Ukraine are just a couple of the multiple medical tourism destinations found abroad that offer cutting-edge technologies and procedures for the treatment of many different types of cancer.


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