Cancer & Anti-Aging

By Fernanda Ovando, Artface

From the point of view of Anti-Aging Medicine, there are three principals to living right and these are: don’t get sick, don’t get old and don’t die.

Easier said than done right? Yes, we all know about diet, exercise, supplements and you will be on your way for a long life but, now a days that is only the beginning, If you can get your hands on the areas of Genetic Engineering, Therapeutic cloning, Nanothechnology, Artificial Organs and Nerve Impulse Continuity then you will be able to say “now we’re cooking” with a long life ahead of us.

You should know that the places to be for longevity are: Greece, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Japan as the top five, but if you’re not living there, you can make use of these advances in the form of Autologous Stem Cell Implant, Orthomolecular Chelation, Live Cell Implant, Anti-Aging vaccine, Human Growth Hormone and Female/Male hormone replacement, injectable DNA and RNA regeneration extracts, all of this available at Artface where we can make a difference in your years to come.

The protocols for this therapies comes from Germany and the approved substances used are no secret only the knowledge of how to combine these substances and in what order is what sets us apart, since we are able to use Alternative and Antiaging Medicine resources at the same time.

Life expectancy in 1900 was 48, in 2000 was 80 and in 2050 will be 100 but, you don’t need to wait! Take control and excel in your life style and your life span.

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