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South Africa Offers Comprehensive Care at Blueprint Health and Benefit

About Blueprint Health and Benefit
Want to get away? Really get away?  Cape Town, South Africa is the home to Blueprint Health and Benefit, a premier, exclusive, and beneficial medical spa. The ultimate in holidays combined with the best in health needs, Blueprint Health and Benefit offers the best yoga meditation in cape Town, and opportunity to detoxify your body in Cape Town, and one of the best medical spa skin care in Cape Town facilities.

Blueprint Health and Benefit offers a variety of medical health spa treatments and procedures in Cape Town, focusing on enhancing health and wellness for international travelers.  In resort-like surroundings, staff at Blueprint Health and Benefit provide services ranging from high-tech genetic testing with spa treatments designed to relieve stress, job burnout, and balance spirit, body, and mind.

The facility also places a high importance on therapeutic and preventive care at exquisite South African resorts that also provides lifestyle and nutrition coaching, physician-based care, and a variety of programs tailored to individual needs.

Approach to Medical Care at Blueprint
Staff at Blueprint Health and Benefit offer a multidisciplinary approach to services and supervision by board-certified and experienced team members comprised of biokineticists, nutritionists, and physicians.

Health and life coaching is based on solution focused as well as resource oriented approaches.  Blueprint Health integrates two major focuses of our programs; state-of-the-art and high-tech genetic testing combined with personalized and individualized healthcare approaches to offer patients the best in quality care and results.

Blueprint Health and Benefit offer a variety of programs and treatments for individuals including:

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Traditional medical spa treatments
  • Aging and anti-aging management treatments and programs
  • Detox and rehabilitation programs
  • Weight loss programs
  • Chronic disease treatment for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes

Detoxification programs in Cape Town offer individuals the privacy and help they need to restore optimal health and wellness. One of the best medical spas in Cape Town, Blueprint Health offers the exotic getaway and relaxation that everyone yearns for while it the same time combining a chance to detoxify your body in Cape Town beside crystal blue waters, white, sandy beaches and luxurious accommodations and amenities.

Medical spa skin care in Cape Town provides anti aging and detoxification benefits in a locale and atmosphere unequaled to any other. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to services, staff at Blueprint Health and Benefit are qualified, certified and accredited in age management, anti aging, natural therapies, skin care, and a variety of medical spa treatments that offer peace, tranquility, and relaxation and one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Traveling to South Africa for Health and Wellness
South Africa is a country of adventure and also offers the best in amenities, conveniences, and accommodations. From day safaris to swimming with penguins at Boulder’s Beach near Cape Town, to enjoying soccer matches, or riding an ostrich, South Africa offers a variety of entertainments for family’s staying at local resorts. Private as well as public medical settings and facilities offer medical travelers and individuals seeking health and wellness abroad the privacy they desire, unique settings to heal and refresh, and some of the most high-tech facilities, clinics and hospitals in the country.

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