Benefit from Ayurvedic Detoxification

Many people can’t pronounce the word let alone described are your feet it detoxification. Ayurvedic medicine, also known as Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medical treatment in the world.  It evolved thousands of years ago in India and is based on the belief that medical conditions should be treated through a blend of body, mind, and spirit, not only to prevent entries a wide variety of illnesses, but also to encourage wellness. Herbal treatments are a large part of this form of alternative or natural health care.

The Ayurvedic approach believes the three qualities helped to perform activities within the body.  These qualities are called doshas. As such, each dosha is made up of basic elements such as air, fire, space, earth, and water, maintain a particular relationship to body functions. Body treatments involved include full body herbal oil massages, massages with herbal paste, sweating sessions, and shirodhara, which is warm oil applied to the forehead in a constant, soothing stream. Self-administered medicated enemas are also given to cleanse the body of toxins.

Food consumed during an Ayurvedic Cleansing and Detoxification program is custom-prepared to enhance the cleansing process. During the retreat, patients are encouraged to relax and rest, as well as partake in gentle mind-body exercises like Yoga and Meditation sessions.

Locations in India such as the Ahalia Ayurvedic Hospital offers some of the best Ayurvedic doctors in India, as well as Ayurveda therapy in Kerala.  The Ayurveda center in Kerala as well as the Indus Valley Ayurveda Center located in Mysore, India offers a blend of modern treatments with ancient wisdom.  For the best in alternative medical care, detoxification and cleansing, check out facilities that offer chronic disease treatment in India.  Your body will be glad you did.

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