Beautiful Skin – Skin Care Abroad in Exotic Destinations

Maintaining healthy, smooth skin involves understanding how the skin functions and how to protect and replenish against the damages of sun exposure, aging, acne, allergic reactions and injuries. In addition, understanding the basics of various forms of plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures will help consumers make educated decisions on various forms of skin care.


The most common skin treatment procedures today include:


·        Laser Skin Resurfacing

·        Botox

·        Dermabrasion

·        Surface Repair Treatments


Unfortunately, laser-resurfacing treatments in the U.S. may cost between $2,000 and $4,000 per treatment. Botox injections cost around $450 for each vial of Botox, but surgeons will charge between $200 and $300 for each area that is injected with the Botox solution. In most cases, cosmetic procedures such as these are not covered by American medical insurance policies. So what’s a person to do?


Go abroad! Enjoy the benefits of affordable skin treatment procedures while at the same time basking in exotic destinations. Skin care treatment abroad offers state of the art facilities like Acibadem Healthcare Group in Istanbul. Talk about a vacation! Some of the best skin care specialists in Hungary can be found at the Aesthetica International Medical Center in Budapest. For affordable skin care treatments and procedures, explore your options, available at the click of a mouse. You won’t be sorry, but you will most likely be surprised at the number of excellent and accredited facilities located in medical tourism destinations than you ever dreamed of.

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