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Cancer strike all genders and age groups. Lung cancer, liver cancer, bone cancer and stomach cancer, colon and prostate cancer are common. Treatments may be initiated in an effort to eradicate or kill cancer cells, but cancer therapies vary according to the stage the cancer is discovered, as well as location of the cancerous growth and overall health of the patient. Biological hormone therapies are also known as “anti-estrogen therapy” and are frequently used to help the immune system fight against some types of cancer. Today, the most commonly used biological hormone therapy treatments include but are not limited to:

 Aromatase Inhibitors – helps reduce the conversion of substances into estrogen, which helps to stop production in many cells of the body. Types include:

    • Arimidex
    • Aromasin
    • Femara

 SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators) – block estrogens from attaching to receptors on cancer cells. Types include:

    • Tamoxifen

 ERDs (Estrogen-Receptor Down regulators) block and break down estrogen receptors, reducing the number of cancer cells that receive messages to grow.

    • Faslodex

The cost of biological hormone therapy is astronomical. In the United States, price ranges for Avastin may cost up to $4,400 a month and Herceptin can cost an average of $3,000 a month. Cancer treatments in India are cheaper. In India, a year’s supply of Herceptin averages out to about $2,000 a month instead of the $3,000 a month in the U.S. In other locations such as Thailand and Singapore, medical travelers are also able to enjoy substantial savings.

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