Beard Transplant Surgery and Mustache Transplant

Beard transplant surgery and mustache transplant are both in great demand in Turkey. Regardless of the tradition for the masculinity symbols that both the beard and mustache represent in Turkey, the men who go for this type of hair transplant in Turkey are mostly the health travelers from the Middle East.

Beard Transplant Surgery and Mustache Transplant

Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey

The reasons behind mustache and/or beard transplant are to enhance the look when a man has struggled with hair loss or has had injuries such as burn scars that had left some marks on the face. Dr. Bulent, from the famous Estetik International Clinic in Istanbul says that the fine needles are the first option for facial hair transplant in Turkey.

“A natural hairline worked with very thin needles and only by single grafts, gives back the relaxed and self-confident look to your face” says Dr. Bulent. “The grafts are placed in circular holes with their angles being given with thin needles. As it requires a very sensitive working process, the transplant phase takes longer”.

The hair transplant method used by this “artist of hair transplant”, as he is regarded now by his former patients is also known as “FUE –  Follicular unit extraction“, and it is the best way to reduce scarring and complications.

The advantages of beard transplant surgery in Turkey are NATURAL:

– the circular holes made by the FUE method allows a natural healing process with invisible scars;

– the natural angles of the grafts leads to a completely natural look;

– the infection risk is of 1% (as in very low) but the patient is on antibiotics to prevent that too

– in the beard and front line, the FUE beard transplant surgery is the most appropriate technique with the most natural results to-date.

You will be able to shave after two weeks or even less. And with the trends nowdays the numbers of men going for this surgery abroad have skyrocketed.

Beard transplant surgery has now become even more accessible with the medical travel options available at PlacidWay. After the dental vacations, beard transplant and hair transplant in general are picking-up the pace – the medical tourism industry in Turkey is growing stronger each week.

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