Battling Obesity in South America

Obesity doctors in South America in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina offer the best in weight loss and bariatric or obesity surgical procedures. Buenos Aires hospitals and obesity treatment in Argentina are known as some of the most excellent and affordable in the world.  Affordable obesity surgery in Argentina utilizes a multitude of techniques and methodologies that will help you attain the goals you looking for, safely.

Laser technology and surgery, as well as surgical laser treatments incorporate a variety of technological platforms, noninvasive aesthetic treatments, and services that integrate medical, psychological, as well as nutritional elements into the treatment of obesity and weight loss.

 An example of well-known medical destination in Argentina is Buenos Aires, the home of Dr. Marco More, bariatric surgeon. More is dedicated to providing certified professionals, packages, and bilingual services in a wide range of techniques and procedures to offer you the best in obesity and bariatric surgery in Argentina.

 Dr. More provides medical and travel services packages to global travelers seeking the best in weight loss and bariatric surgical procedures. Gastric bypass surgery packages include medical fees, consults, anesthesia, hospitalization, transport to appointments and nutritional evaluations, just to name a few.

 Med Logistic Services based in Medellin, Colombia offer health and wellness and obesity treatments in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Facilities such as MedTravel Ecuador, based in the capital city of Quito also give international patients access to the best in top quality surgical care and practices.

Visit PlacidWay to learn more about weight loss procedures and bariatric surgery in Argentina, whether you’re interested in sleeve gastrectomy or a Roux-en-Y package.

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