Battling Addictions Abroad

Addiction is an ugly word, assocaited with many harmful behaviors. Crack cocaine is a popular “drug of choice” these days, a form processed from its hydrochloride form through processing with baking soda, water and ammonia and heated to remove hydrochloride to a smokable substance.

Gambling addictions are known as compulsive behaviors and involve difficulty in controlling impulses. The most common include an inability to control gambling, hiding gambling, gambling when you don’t have the money and fielding increased concern by friends and family.

Other common forms of addictions include:

  • Tobacco addiction
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia

Addiction treatments and detox is designed to treat physical addiction symptoms first, followed by mental treatment addressing addiction. The detox approach includes body detox to reduce and halt cravings, followed by cognitive treatment developing life skills strategies and therapies to overcome addictive cravings and behavior.

Behavioral intervention is essential in long-term treatment of drug or substance abuse and are commonly known as the most effective, available and affordable treatment approaches. Drug treatment programs customized and individualized for each patient provide the most effective approach to long-term treatment for drug and alcohol addiction

Facilities such as Rehab in Mexico or Dr. Vorobiev’s Serbian Rehab Clinic in Belgrade, Serbia, or facilities such as Arab City for Comprehensive Care in Amman, Jordan, offer help.

Drug rehab facilities should offer fully licensed, accredited, certified and experienced physicians and counseling support staff that may include psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapy experts and specialists. Medical professionals as well as support staff should be certified and accredited in their country or region and belong to national drug rehabilitation services, organizations, or associations.

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