The Basics Regarding Hip Surgery – At Home and Abroad

Do you know the difference between a hip resurfacing procedure and a partial or total hip replacement procedure? Here are the basics – so you know what to look for when it comes to hip surgery, at home or abroad.

Hip resurfacing is a procedure that replaces the surface of the hip joint, but one that removes less bone tissue than traditional hip replacement procedures. Because this procedure removes less bone, it also promotes faster healing and recuperation. In most cases, hip resurfacing involves the head of the femur, or thighbone. Sometimes, it also involves both the hip socket as well as the head of the femur.

Hip replacement treatments and procedures may be recommended to address hip joint damage caused by osteoarthritis or conditions that limit your range of motion, mobility, and comfort.  A partial hip replacement or resurfacing is commonly recommended for younger and more active patients. A total hip replacement is performed to restore strength, stability and function in an otherwise damaged hip. A metal prosthetic ball replaces the ball portion of the upper femur where it inserts into the hip socket. The hip socket itself may also be replaced with a prosthetic socket for additional strength and stability.

Several different approaches are used by orthopedic surgeons today, including an anterior or frontal approach or a posterior or behind-the-hip approach. Partial or total hip replacement surgeries today are performed through minimally invasive surgical procedures.

You’ll find savings of thousands of dollars when considering hip surgeries abroad. For example, hip replacement surgical procedures may cost up to $43,000 in the United States.  In Singapore and Thailand, medical tourist patients may benefit from hip replacement surgical procedures that cost about $12,000. In India, the cost can range from about $9,000-$10,000.


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