Bariatric Surgery in Mexico: Safe, Effective and Affordable

Do you know what all these treatments have in common?


·         Weight-Loss Medications

·         Bariatric Surgery

·         Gastroplasty

·         Lap Banding

·         Sleeve Gastrectomy

·         Gastric Bypass


That’s right; obesity surgery in Mexico. Some of the best gastric bypass surgeons in Mexicali or laparoscopic surgery in Mexico is just across the border. Gone are the days when medical and dental treatments in Mexico were considered substandard. Bariatric surgery in Mexico, as well as RNY doctors, lap banding hospitals in Mexico and bariatric surgery in Cancun offers world-class and state of the art facilities for obesity or weight loss patients not only from the U.S., but around the world the best in experience and expertise.


Americans venturing south of the border enjoy affordable surgery in Mexico, from experienced, accredited and highly trained weight loss surgeon and bariatric surgeon choices to looking for the best in Cancun hospitals, Mexicali hospitals or Baja Coast Health Centers.


Doctors in Mexico who specialize in treatment of obesity offer a multitude of treatments for obesity, including morbid obesity surgery, laparoscopic banding, vertical sleeve gastrectomy and laparoscopic gastric banding.


The stigma associated with medical tourism is fast disappearing as consumers become more educated regarding their options for medical care. Weight loss surgery in Mexico offers safe, effective and affordable weight loss and obesity surgical treatments that are not covered by insurance plans in the U.S.


PlacidWay, a rising expert and resource for medical tourism abroad, offers consumers information, resources and contacts to a variety of obesity treatment facilities throughout Mexico that offer highly trained, experienced physicians, surgeons and staff to meet any weight loss need.

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