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We are not just any fertility treatment center, but have gone an extra mile providing treatment to our clients, and that is the incorporation of PGD technology among our services. This not only enables us the possibility to analyze the presence of chromosomal and genetic abnormalities in embryos before being transferred to the uterus, which reduces the possibilty of newborn having genetic disorders, but also increases the chances of a successful pregnancy and a possibility of gender selection, for couples who desire so.

What is PGD?
Preimplantation genetic testing or diagnosis (PGD) allows the fertility experts to base the choice on the results of genetic tests on the embryos to exclude those that contain an obvious genetic abnormality.

Testing can involve a count of the chromosomes and/or a molecular examination for a particular gene or mutation. Either way, the testing can increase both the chance of a genetically normal pregnancy and your chance of having a baby.

We are one of the very few centres in South East Asia with the vital combination of IVF and genetics facilities to perform these sophisticated tests successfully.

Who can benefit from PGD?
PGD is useful because it offers the possibility to analyze the presence of chromosomal and genetic abnormalities in embryos before being transferred to the uterus and, therefore, before implantation has occurred before a pregnancy has taken place  with a baby with some of the analyzed alteration . It is an alternative to prenatal diagnosis in couples with high risk of transmitting chromosomal abnormalities or genic to their descendants.

PGD may be recommended for people who:

  • Need to choose the sex of their baby for medical reasons.
  • Have an affected child and need to have a new baby with HLA matching to donate stem cells to the elderly sister / brother.
  • Needs this in increasing chances of IVF live birth.
  • People over 37 years in whom the risk of Down syndrome and other disorders is higher, the clearest manifestation is the increase in abortions and children with problems at birth, this trend increases even more after age 40.
  • With recurrent abortions and / or unexplained miscarriages
  • At risk of transmitting any abnormality to their descendants
  • Patients in which assisted reproduction treatments have had implantation failure.
  • The Genetic Counseling in preimplantation genetic diagnosis is the backbone of treatment since the experience and knowledge of each of the diseases explained by the treating physician will help you make that decision with your partner because in some cases, it delays the disease, gives you a reproductive advice, improves  the therapeutic treatment  and the most important thing: gives you a better personal and family planning but even if you have a sick child at home.

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