Arranging Medical Travel Abroad

Medial tourism is a fast-growing industry for those looking for accessible and affordable medical care. Facilities around the world treat conditions in vision care, dental care, cardiac care, orthopedics, and for obesity and bariatric surgeries their best option. Stem cell research, daVinci robotic surgery, and the latest in medical technologies around the world offer citizens access to the best of the best, regardless of their country of origin.

How do you even start to arrange travel abroad? Your first order of business is to obtain a passport. Consult the country of your intended destination to determine their visa requirements. The visa is a stamp placed inside your passport that allows you entry into a particular country for a pre-specified period.

PlacidWay is a medical resource leader in the medical travel industry. Their website provides pricing, information and descriptions of hundreds of global facilities, treatments and articles regarding medical care abroad. Using a medical facilitator like PlacidWay makes arranging travel abroad so much easier. You’ll get help with passports and visa information, medical treatment packages, descriptions and qualifications of international medical providers, doctors and surgeons, as well as in-depth descriptions of medical treatments, procedures and surgeries. Information is power. Research your options and open the doors of opportunity when it comes to your medical care.

Lack of medical insurance, your location and your ability to pay should never stand in anyone’s way to health and wellness. You do have choices, and access to the finest doctors and hospitals in the world. Your answers are only a click away – at


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