Are You a Safe Medical Traveler?

Tens of thousands of medical travelers leave their country to seek medical treatment in foreign destinations. In some cases, contributing factors to such the citizens involve affordability while for others it’s a matter of availability. How do you know which facilities to choose? How do you determine whether you’ll find a good doctor, a safe facility, and excellent patient care?

Patients traveling to foreign destinations should look for facilities accredited by the JCI or other international certification and accreditation organizations such as WHO, the Trent Accreditation Scheme, the Australian ACHSI, or Quality Health New Zealand. The Joint Commission International supports quality care among healthcare organizations around the globe in places like Croatia, the Jordan Hospital in Amman, Jordan, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

The Joint Commission International strives to reduce risks and improve healthcare methods and procedures. The JCI works with hospitals, health providers, medical consultants, government agencies, and patients to provide standards, rules, and processes for medical facilities. JCI accredited healthcare facilities like the Kent Hospital in Izmir, Turkey must meet the highest expectations of quality and best practice services and procedures.

When choosing a facility, ask about continuity of care following your procedure. Determine which techniques or procedures may be recommended for your treatment or surgery and make sure providers are trained and certified in such techniques.

Ask about transfer of medical information, confidentiality and privacy when sharing such information. Don’t hesitate to ask about risks associated with the procedure, as well as the facilities’ post-surgical infection or complications rates.

Focus on patient safety, risk reduction and meeting or surpassing quality care standards are the focus of the JCI. Such considerations should be your focus too. Visit to browse research and information regarding certified and accredited facilities abroad.

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