Are Cancer Therapy Drugs Too Expensive for You?

The outrageous cost of new (and old) cancer treatment drugs has made the news again. New drugs like Vemurafenib have displayed a remarkable ability to save the lives of hundreds of melanoma cancer patients in a recently completed study, with an 84% success rate. The drug has been approved by the FDA and is expected to hit the medical market within a few months.

Another new cancer-fighting drug, Yervoy, has undergone clinical trials in the treatment of metastatic melanoma and showed to
increase rates of survival for patients by nearly a third. Such drugs offer hope and survival to patients around the world. The problem is their cost. In the U.S., the cost of a complete treatment course of a drug like Yervoy ranges about $120,000. That’s for four infusion-injections over a course of three months.

Traditional cancer fighting drugs like Avastin, Herceptin or Tykerb in the United States can run anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 a month depending on the drug and intake method.

The good news is that international cancer patients can travel to countries around the world for cancer treatments abroad, like those found in Thailand, where monthly cancer treatment drug costs average$1,000 a month, while in India, costs average about $1,200 per month. A cancer patient traveling to accredited and certified locations in southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Africa or Latin America may save between 50% and 70% on medical care costs. Research your options and know what’s out there.

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