Alternative Medical Therapies Abroad

Unfortunately, many people think that because a medical treatment or therapy isn’t practiced in mainstream medical practice that it isn’t effective, safe or practical for the treatment of many conditions. However, many therapies, many of them thousands of years old, have been practiced, effectively and with positive results, for individuals around the world for conditions ranging from asthma to cancer.

Some of these treatments include what is known as chelation and ozone therapy. Ozone therapy, is known by many different names, including O3 therapy. Ozone therapy has been used around the globe since the mid 1800s, but today is known as a naturopathic form of medical treatment. Health care practitioners in Australia, Europe, and the United States have utilized ozone therapy as a germicide and antibacterial, and dozens of medical journals have published articles relating the effective benefits of this therapy.

Chelation therapy is considered a type of alternative or holistic medicine that reduces or removes a variety of wastes from the body. As food digests, amino acids and enzymes break down foods, infuses them with nutrients and transports them to organs and blood cells. Chelation actually defines a process by which minerals such as iron or lead adheres to or combines with red blood cells, removing excess accumulation of such minerals or toxic wastes in the body.

Advanced Medical Group, located in Juarez, Mexico is one such facility that provides alternative or integrative medicine, such as hyperbaric oxygen in Mexico, chelation in Mexico and ozone therapy in Mexico for heart treatment, diabetes treatment in Mexico and cancer treatment in Mexico, among others. Dr. Soto of Advanced Medical Group studied under ‘the grandfather of chelation’, Dr. Ray Evers at the H.R. Evers Center in Alabama.

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