African Travels to India for Cancer Care

Baruti is a 43-year-old man from Africa, diagnosed with throat cancer. He’d traveled from his village to India for state-of-the art cancer therapy in New Delhi. However, he’d carefully researched his options, visiting his son’s school every day so he could access their computers for his search. He was looking for the newest and most effective cancer treatments that would give him the best chance of survival.

Baruti, like many diagnosed with some form of cancer, was not a rich man, and he needed to find a cancer treatment facility that offered high quality, experienced and effective cancer therapies, but also one that he would be able to afford.

He discovered that India is a leader in cancer treatments and therapies, whether one sought chemical, surgical or natural alternatives such as Ayurveda to cancer care. Yes, Baruti sought information regarding affordable cancer treatment cost in India, and he liked what he saw. He could choose between five or six world-class hospitals and cancer facilities in India for the latest in medical technology and internationally trained physicians and cancer specialists.

He needed an integrated health care approach that would allow him to receive coordinated care from both his doctor in South Africa and his new oncologist in India. While Baruti was certainly no expert in computer technology, he was able to go online and research medical tourism options that would meet his medical and financial needs.

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