Affordable Vasectomy Procedures Abroad

Men who don’t want children, or any more children, may benefit from a vasectomy. It’s a relatively low risk procedure with no side effects, and is less expensive than tubal ligation or other forms of female sterilization or long-term birth control medication costs. A vasectomy is a common birth control method for males, and prevents sperm from entering seminal fluid ejaculated from the penis. The procedure is low-risk, though men considering a vasectomy should make sure they don’t want to have children.

In the United States, vasectomy costs range between $350 and $1,000, depending on geographical location and whether the procedure is performed in a doctor’s office or an outpatient surgical center. In some cases, insurance companies may cover the cost of vasectomy under Family Planning coverage. Most insurance companies don’t cover vasectomy reversal procedures.

Vasectomy reversal procedures performed in the United States may cost roughly $5,000, while individuals traveling to countries like Turkey may save roughly 40%, paying just over $3,000 for the same procedure. However, consumers should be aware that there are no guarantees that a vasectomy reversal procedure will be successful in restoring fertility.

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