Affordable Medical Care for Boomers

The first of tens of thousands of baby boomers are set to retire this year. Unfortunately, the majority of those baby boomers are extremely concerned regarding their financial stability and their ability to care for their needs as they age. According to surveys of individuals heading into their senior years, a large majority will need to keep working after normal retirement age for healthcare benefits.

Finding adequate healthcare, regardless of age can be challenging these days, but medical providers and facilitators such as PlacidWay, a leading medical tourism and information resource located in Denver, Colorado, is doing its best to educate individuals on the potential of crossing borders for health and wellness.

Saving money is one benefit of medical tourism, but so too is finding some of the best doctors, surgeons and health facilities around the globe. Nearly one-fourth of the baby boomer population has no retirement savings, and another large portion of the demographic has lost a large bulk of their retirement savings due to a poor economy.

Seniors concerned about healthcare, especially in the field of chronic disease and orthopedics treatments, can find a variety of excellent, world-class facilities, doctors and surgeons where medical costs, malpractice insurance costs, and surgical costs are much lower than those found in the U.S.

For example, chronic illnesses such as diabetes, emphysema, and cancers are treated at Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, an internationally recognized center with advanced medical technologies. The Wooridul Spine Hospital, located in Seoul, South Korea is one of the best in the world treatment of spine conditions, and the Madras Joint Replacement Center, found in Chennai, India is known around the globe for its cutting edge technologies in orthopedic surgical procedures and therapies such as knee and hip replacements.

For more information regarding affordable medical care for boomers, visit Your retirement savings may be shrinking, but medical procedure and treatments you need should never be out of reach.

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