Affordable Medical Care: At Your Fingertips

According to the World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress, the coming years will see nearly 17,000,000 Americans venturing beyond domestic borders for medical and healthcare in India, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Croatia, Russia, Armenia and dozens of other international destinations with growing reputations for providing some of the best medical and surgical care in the world.


International travelers heading to medical spa facilities and treatment centers may enjoy the benefits of:


·         Acupuncture

·         Biofeedback

·         Homeopathy

·         Cosmetic Treatments

* Botox injections

* Hair removal

* Chemical peels

* Laser skin treatments

* Dermabrasion

* Dermal fillers

* Anti aging and skin rejuvenation treatments

·         Wellness Treatments

* Executive Health Screening

·         Cosmetic Dental Services

* Teeth Whitening

Popular anti aging therapies, techniques and procedures include cosmetic and plastic surgeries, human growth hormone products, fat transfers, antiaging skin care products, antiaging medications and stem cell (rejuvenation and regeneration therapies)


Facilities such as Medical Poland in Bydgoszcz, Poland offer a plethora of cosmetic/plastic surgery treatments, a best radiology center and affordable medical treatment in Poland. Trident, in Rovinj, Croatia, offers the best in esthetic dentistry and Terme Selce is a world renowned medical spa that offers a stress management center Croatia is proud of.


International travelers may enjoy quality health care and precision at affordable prices and these days, who doesn’t need better prices? Foreign destinations offer consumers a choice of where they receive medical care, a truly borderless option for medical care now, and in the future.

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