Addiction Rehab Centers Abroad

Rehab is a common word for rehabilitation. Multiple forms of rehabilitation are available for consumers today, and each focuses on different goals. Rehabilitation is a process through which an individual may recover from an injury or illness in order to regain function, mobility, and optimal health. Rehabilitation is also designed to teach strategies that help individuals overcome challenges caused by physical, mental, or emotional issues.

The most common forms of rehab include:

·         Physical

·         Emotional

·         Drug addiction

·         Alcoholism

In the U.S. and Western Europe, rehabilitation services may cost anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars for treatment. Individuals seeking rehabilitative services in foreign destinations such as Europe, South Africa, South America, and Asia are able to save enormous sums of money.

Destinations in Mexico such as Rehab in Mexico, located in multiple areas including Cancun, Monterrey and Los Cabos, and other international medical destinations offer between 20% and 70% discounts on services as opposed to those performed in the United States. Another famous rehab center is located in Russia, based on treatments designed by Dr. Vorobiev and located in Moscow and Krasnodar and Pyatigorsk.

For treatment of alcohol addiction in Moscow to holistic rehab centers in Russia, addiction, detoxification, or detox and natural therapies in Russia offer hope to those suffering from drug, alcohol or other chemical substance abuse to eating disorders, stress, and trauma.

Rehab in Mexico offers drug addiction treatment, alcoholism treatment and some of the finest rehabilitation center Mexico locations for substance abuse treatment of many kinds. Finding accessible, affordable and effective help is possible. Access PlacidWay, a medical tourism provider offering in-depth profiles of rehab centers around the globe.


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