Accreditation for Medical Tourism Basics

No matter where you’re from, you want to be able to trust your physician or surgeon. The Medical Tourism Association, an international nonprofit organization based in the United States, has created a certification process for international medical providers listing services, facilities and surgeons around the world. As the first international nonprofit association, the Medical Tourism Association has created a program to specifically certify international providers to identify and establish best practices.

PlacidWay, a medical tourism resource and information portal-based in Denver, Colorado encourages established and potential clients to always check the credentialing, training, and accreditation of physicians and facilities in international and foreign destinations throughout Asia, South America, South Africa and Europe.

The medical tourism certification program requires that potential applicants pass certain qualifications before acceptance into the Medical Tourism Association and prior to receiving certification. Medical tourism is a growing industry and the MTA takes its job of researching and accrediting facilities very seriously. Before certification applicants must answer hundreds of questions including but not limited to:

·         How many patients are seen on a monthly basis

·         How many years applicants have been in business

·         Does the applicant along to any medical society or association

·         Verification of organization located in services

·         Applicant is compliant with HIPAA or specific country privacy laws

·         Applicant is verified facility providers are accredited and certified in country of origin

The Medical Tourism Association promotes and encourages transparency in the medical tourism industry. Adequate and experienced medical care is expected from everyone, regardless of origin. Medical tourism is growing in popularity. Make sure your doctor, surgeon or procedure is safe, trained, experienced and effective in best practices and standards.


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