A laugh with advanced dental treatment in Istanbul Turkey

Why not have a laugh and an advanced dental treatment in Istanbul, Turkey?

That dental drill sound can be quite scary – even with all the smiling and nicest dentist in the world. Some people (just like me) are scared of what will happen, especially when the problem to be treated is not just one cavity but something more serious.

This kind of self-inflicted scare tactic is usually valid for those who are self-aware and do not (under most circumstances) agree to general anesthesia.

Take dental implants for example: everyone knows that getting that implant fitted into the jaw is no walk in the park, yet at Maltepe dental Clinics in Istanbul Turkey patients choose to undergo the dental treatment with more ease, by opting for laughing gas sedation. This is not news, because for the past 150 years laughing gas has been used by dentists worldwide.

Laughing so hard that one bites the dentist’s hand? Well…


It’s not that hilarious – actually the dentist administers the laughing gas constantly with the help of a nose mask during the treatment and then, depending on each patient response, he adjusts the dose. The gas travels to the central nervous system and induces a state of relaxation while the patient feels no pain (except for some discomfort – which obviously is not felt as pain). The laughing gas also acts like some opiates, thus, making the patient feel that the treatment was very short.

Will I leave the office high on laughing gas?

The effects of the laughing gas wear off as soon as the nose mask is removed, thus you will be able to talk to the doctor during treatment but you will not stumble while exiting the dental office as Maltepe’s dentist explained: “Compared to general anesthesia, the breathing of laughing-gas has the advantage, that the patient is responsive during the whole treatment phase.”

At the Maltepe Dental Clinics in Istanbul, Turkey laughing-gas sedation is available and dental treatments are offered at prices that are affordable. A dental vacation at Maltepe will give you the chance to visit the amazing city of Istanbul – the only city that rests on two continents and have a great smile upon departure.

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