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7 Natural Remedies That Cure Gastritis

Gastritis can be cured or at least treated by natural ingredients and a balanced lifestyle. Here are seven natural remedies that can cure Gastritis.

What is gastritis?

Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach lining caused mainly by drugs, alcohol or foods that irritate the digestive tract, Helicobacter pylori infection, or high levels of stress.
Natural remedies that cure gastritis

1 Liquorice

Administer one teaspoon of tincture of liquorice root, four times a day, diluted in a cup of water or take 6 capsules with licorice extract daily in the course of four weeks. Licorice has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and helps restore the stomach lining. Natural remedies that cure gastritis

2. Leaves of raspberry

It is administered four times a day, a teaspoon of powder obtained by grinding the dried raspberry leaves. It has antacid effect, hemo-static and healing. Natural remedies that cure gastritis

3. Calamus

Obtained from calamus root powder, it is taken on an empty stomach, half a teaspoon 3 times a day. It has an antibiotic effect (against Helicobacter pylori) and gastric sedative.
Macerated calamus: a teaspoon calamus root put in 250 ml of water over night, strain and drink on an empty stomach. Natural remedies that cure gastritis

4. Fig tree buds extract

Fig tree buds extract administered long-term, is a true potion to treat gastritis and ulcers. Administer 50 drops, twice a day, in the course of at least 2 months. Natural remedies that cure gastritis

5. Clay

Clay is administered in cycles of 40 days. In 100 ml of water put a teaspoon of clay, over night. In the first seven days of treatment, drink only the murky water on an empty stomach in the morning. After this period, mix the entire contents of the cup and drink the clay too. The clay forms a protective gel in the stomach and relieves pain and scars lesions. Natural remedies that cure gastritis.

6.  Diet

In gastritis and ulcer a diet based on alkaline foods that reduce gastric acidity is recommended. Foods such as: cabbage, potato, beet, carrot, cucumber, nettles, and juice from these vegetables. Spices such as coriander, mint, fennel, caraway are soothing stomach. Other foods with stomach soothing: rice, milk, yogurt, raw egg whites. You should avoid foods too sweet, too sour or too spicy, which can trigger an gastritis. Also avoid alcohol, tobacco, concentrated sweets, sausages. Do not forget that sufficient sleep is essential for the health of the body, including the stomach. Natural remedies that cure gastritis.

7. Water on an empty stomach

Water treatment is considered successful for a variety of diseases: heart (hypertension), digestive diseases (gastritis, constipation), piles, diabetes. In the morning, immediately after waking, drink 4 glasses of water (about a pint), then do not eat or drink anything for a half hour. After that, you can eat and drink normally. For gastritis, this treatment is indicated for at least 10 days. With no side effects, this treatment can be followed for a lifetime as long as the water is of good quality (plain, alkaline). Natural remedies that cure gastritis.

Other Natural remedies that cure gastritis: Horsetail, Gastritis Tea, Raw Potato Juice, Beetroot Juice, Parsley Root, Juniper, June charcoal, Chamomile, Yarrow.
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